Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To Whom Should I Give Money?

I got a job. Now I can / should give away some money.

Where should it go? Where do you give to? How do I get there? What are the biggest needs?

Comment so we can spotlight some places that could use it.

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adam said...

um. stuff like blood water mission seems so basic.

or compassion

or something like that.

i've loved compassion.


kiva loans?
some people living in poverty close to you?

Scott said...

If you trust your church's efforts in the community, that may be a good place to start (in addition to tithing). I undertsnad if you don't and frankly a lot of (most?) churches don't invest themselves in the poor and needy as they should.

Another subset of that is missions. There a few denominations that fund their own missionaries, but the majority of missionaries have to raise their own support. Usually support is easy to gain at the beginning of a long term mission project, but hard to sustain in the middle of one, so there is need there. Two denominations that fund their missionaries are Assemblies of God and Christian and Missionary Alliance (through the Great Commission Fund).

Lastly, if you are planning a monthly budget of giving, consider sponsoring a child with Compassion International. Besides giving though money. At least with this charity you are given regular updates about that particular child and can interact with them, which is a nice thing to have if you are concerned about where exactly your dollar is going.

You should also look into United Way in your local community to see exactly how they are involved locally. They do a lot of things for the community that don't get a lot of publicity. But I would also make sure that where they are involved locally is something you would like to support.