Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dude Week

This week the men in my building, Samuel Morris hall will be participating in Dude Week.

No, its not about being misogynistic or homoerotic, but a week in which we help each other seek God and enjoy living together in relative simplicity.  Most of the men in the hall are engaging in spiritual disciplines at a more intense level starting at midnight on Sunday through chapel on Friday.  

We ask close friends to encourage us and return the favor.

The idea started when Justin Heth noticed that some of the best times around the hall are when the power goes out and guys chill in the hall.  It has become much more.

This year we are joined by a men's hall at Bethel College, who is doing something similar during this week.

As part of my participation I will not be blogging (reading or writing).

Please pray.  


Schedule of Events



-         Pancakes in the main lounge from 8-9pm

-         Jim Spiegel speaking on Spiritual Disciplines on Sammy II at 9pm



          13 Events Planned and the winning floor gets Root Beer Floats.


          Crazy’s Apartment        - Scene It Competition @ 8:45pm

                                                - Dessert Bakeoff - Entries in by 10pm

Basement         - Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss @ 10:00 pm

       - Carpetball starts @ 9:30pm     - Billiards Competition @ 8:30pm

Foundation     - Foosball Tourney @ 9:00pm   - Washers @ 10:00pm

                        - Nerf Gun Dueling @ 9:15pm

Sammy II         - Euchre Tourney @ 9:00pm     - Bible Trivia @ 9:30pm

Brotherhood       - 4 Square Tourney @ 9:15pm

Penthouse                    - Ping Pong @ 9:30pm

Front of Morris   - Nalgene Toss @ 9:45pm


Sign up to win Crazy’s Parking Spot for the month of March @ the Front Desk!!!

Sign up by Friday Night at 1am!  One entry per person!

Winner will be announced through a hall email!


TUESDAY NIGHT – All Hall Dodgeball Game

                9:30-11pm in the Odle Gym


WEDNESDAY NIGHT –Power Outage Night-3pm-3am – power will be shut off at 3pm

-        Enjoy the Community of your floors

-        Taylor Basketball Plays at home at 7pm against Spring Arbor

= remember if you want to save food in your fridge bring it to the front desk with your name on it.

= if you want a wake-up call on Thursday morning come and write your name down at the front desk and the time you want woken up.

= let me know if you need your power on for a certain reason



9PM in the basement.  We will also spend some time singing and reflecting back on what was learned from the week.


Goals of Dude Week

1.     To devote the week to intentionally fellowshipping together.

2.     To grow spiritually and develop some spiritual disciplines.

3.     For all of us to agree to voluntarily deny ourselves something we usually partake in for the week.

Don't Read This

Sorry, in advance.  Constipation of thoughts recently.  

My task this week is to write a section of my Philosophy of Ministry paper that explains the Ultimate Purpose.  I know God, so I guess I can presume that there is a purpose.

I have heard Ultimate Purpose expressed in a variety of ways, and have written a similar paper previously.  Instead of simply ripping that idea off, I decided to poke around the thought world to see what the Tradition had to offer.  Brian McLaren's mentions the Eastern Orthodox view that that Christ's coming to earth was a way of allowing creation to join in the perfect dance of the trinity.

I googled "Ultimate Purpose Trinity".  It didn't take long until I was bored of reading the debates between wether or not to call Jesus a "person", "expression" or "distinctinve/indistinctive essence".  I found a blog post that link to another, and another that had a cool name.

I read about how the author was shutting down the blog.  I also read some of the posts, mostly because some people are getting hurt.  The blog is re-opened and looks about the same.  My thought is: with things like this on the site, how do you expect people not to respond in a way that hurts someone, even if they are brothers in the faith?

Switch gears to the laundry room in Morris Hall last night.  My dear friend Christian Leman and I were about an hour into a discussion about what the Gospel means.  One of my guys from the floor comes down to hear the end of me ranting about about how debates in theology can be divisive, and how they can become "essential" rather than "important".

Christian left while his clothes were in the dryer, and the other friend said to me, "I really didn't expect to hear you say something like that."

A little aback I said "What do you mean?"

He said, "I just think of you as kind of person who likes to think about all that stuff"

It strikes me that I would be the person that is perceived to place thought above love.  

            You are burning to know what I think is essential.