Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reason or Experience????

The Judeo-Christian tradition is profoundly experiential, not to the exclusion of reason, but as the precondition of it.  That is, the material upon which reason exerts itself is precisely those experiences of ours which need ordering and coherence.”
F. Earle Fox.  "The Spiritual Core of Experiential Educations" The Theory of Experiential Education. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Do Meat and Sweatpants Have in Common?

Recently I have been experiencing a good amount of ennui (French for blaaaahhhh).  The winter has stretched on longer than it should, and with Carol away I have felt it colder than normal.
The Lent season came, and passed.  I participated willingly, subscribing to a traditional discipline of no meat.  It helped me reflect on the life and passion of Christ, so it was worth it.
However, my college years are within a few weeks of escaping me.  Its been a good ride here, but I am a little frustrated with it right now.  I am leaving with more questions than answers, and many more frustrations with myself and evangelical Christianity (one is always harsher with those things with which he/she identifies closely).   I have little left to give to my studies-- as I told Dauthan , my volition is wearing sweatpants. 

Last night my coPAs (RA) and I got together to discusses the game plan and pray about the rest of the semester.  As we prayed, there was a real moment of grace for all three of us.  

For me, I realized that I had sat through Easter service and had a big family dinner without realizing that the TOMB IS EMPTY.   Lent is over, yes, but the TOMB IS EMPTY.

The power that has risen Christ from the dead is at work within us!!!!