Sunday, January 27, 2008

Parade Rest, Rush. Parade Rest

A gathering of very influential Evangelical leaders occurred on Wednesday to discuss the relationship of Evangelicals to politics.  There is quite a movement on the way, BE A PART.  Good stuff - - listen to it here

I was alarmed to here this from a leader in the Latino Evangelical community:

Sam Rodriguez: "The major difference between Latino evangelicals and white evangelicals is that many white evangelicals take their marching orders from Bishop Rush Limbaugh, Prophet Sean Hannity, and Apostle Lou Dobbs; and Latino evangelicals still listen to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John."

I know that the statement was intended to be emphatic and the point should be considered with grace.  Although I hope fervently that he is wrong, my fear is that Mr. Rodriguez' statement is correct.  

I don't think that it is so much the case or problem that White evangelicals listen to the men listed, it is that WE have forgotten how to listen at all.  A good number of us have forgotten to take a "Berea" approach to anything said about our Faith and our Lord.

I can speak loudly on behalf of one White Evangelical to say that this statement does not describe me.  Maybe I really was supposed to be Latino.

The thing is, these men are beating on drums with old skins.  The new wine will break them.  Sure, we will be wrong about much too, but the cadence is changed.  Less march, more walk together.  Two miles.