Sunday, February 10, 2008

Eschatology and Missing Carol

It is lent again, which means that my mind should be focused on the life and passion of Jesus.

But, I miss Carol.

Rob Bell in "Sex God" talks about how the cup of the New Covenant that Jesus offers in the Upper Room could possibly be interpreted as having very strong ties to language used in traditional Jewish wedding proposals. I could look it up, but I like this thought.

Jesus and Paul both refer to bride / groom imagery. Jesus even says that there are many mansions (again, Bell says, a marriage reference).

So Jesus offers himself and his Father to the world, and then he has to leave, with a promise to return and meet his bride, the Church.

Carol is my fiance, and she is studying in Costa Rica this semester. We have had several periods during our relationship when we have lived in different places (Kentucky /Indiana, Mexico/Indiana) with varying amounts of communication. This has been the hardest time so far.

Christ must miss the Church, want to see her do well, and cannot wait until the time may come when they may be one.

Miss you, Babe.