Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Money, Your Money, Our World...Transformed

Yesterday I aksed for input about where I should give money. One of the joys of having a budget is being able to give.

Since Adam was the only one to comment so far, and I need to take care of July's giving before the end of July, I took one of his suggestions and headed over to and chekced out what they do. Basically, they are a place that lets people lend money to others who need it to develop themselves personally or professionally. This is called microfinancing.

Microfinancing is all about helping people that banks either cannot (too risky, not enough money to be worth it) or will not (it's in thier interest to keep people only partially successful). A small loan helps people "prime the well".

So I am using my "giving" money to microfinance through Kiva. When they pay me back I will either reinvest in someone else, or donate it to another cause.

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1 comment:

adam said...

dude. i know a guy who just continuously keeps his money in kiva. whenever he gets it back, he just turns around and reinvests in another in need.

he says he likes this for two reasons: it is giving. and it keeps him mindful of the situations of others. sometimes that's hard for us in america. but i think you know that...