Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank You Señor, May I Have Another?

It is time to report the Lord's goodness from the past year: I am thankful that / for:

Carol became my girlfriend. The Lord blessed us as we prayed for each other while we were in separate countries for the summer. She also said YES and is wearing my ring!

I learned what it meant to be a victim of racial profiling.
The Mexican policeman didn't arrest me for my attitude when I refused to "pay the ticket then".
Not all Mexican police are corrupt- in fact most were helpful and spoke blessings to us.

I was fed a steak dinner by a family who didn't have the means to feed themselves consistently.

My semester was hard because I as broken for the world.
I still am.

My education and its benefits despite my attitude.
I will be done in May.

My family and the continued work the God is doing in it.

The men I live with. They are inspiring.

That discipline produces restoration.

I have people in my life who pray for me.

God understands what I mean even when I do not.

I got a free MacBookPro.

Sevier doing so well on the MCAT and that he took 4 hours out of his year to enjoy life.
I am not pre-med.

Ryan finally got to go to PBA although I didn't go with him.

The Office had some decent episodes before the strike.

Scott and Allie got an apartment.

Justin and Hannah, and Pete and Krista are having sons soon.
I am not.

I can only hope for next year to be as blessed as this. Gracias por todo mi buen Jesus.