Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Empires Fall

Two weeks ago a chapel speaker from the UK reminded us of how empires have fallen in history. It seems almost inevitable that the United States will one day either deflate or collapse.

What is it about politics that interests me? C-SPAN is often more thrilling than ESPN. I don't even know that much, but somehow my attention is grasped by the jockeying for attention hidden in the intensity that is hidden agendas and misnomers.

Is there one upright person in office? What keeps Americans from integrity, truth, and justice? Is it fear, ennui, boredom? Fat, Dumb, Happy, Asleep, Insomniacs? The issues seem to complex for any common people to know enough about the details to care.

Why do I care about politics at all? I am of a Kingdom that will exist even after the Earth is made new. Should not my primary concern be to get the Church ready for those days?

Even so, I can't decide what to make of Sicko. I don't care about parties. I just want to do what is right.

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