Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gay Rights and Moral Non-Contradictions

George Barna:
"I have met a number of born again Christians who believe in "gay rights" -- i.e. that gays
should have the same rights as everyone else -- even while they
believe that homosexuality is un-biblical and a sin. To most people
reading this, that will seem a huge contradiction -- can you shed any
light on what Christians like that are thinking".
I am a "Christian like this". Barna does a good job at explaining my thoughts.
Still Barna:
While it is true that you can legislate morality - after all, what laws do is define what is right and wrong, which is the essence of morality - a growing number of born again people are not staking their entire realm of influence on the legal and political systems. Instead, they desire to offer a theologically honest but emotionally compassionate reaction to proponents of homosexuality. In other words, they cannot ignore the fact that homosexuality is a sin from a biblical perspective, but also realize that Jesus' primary exhortation was to love other people into a different way of understanding and living their lives
Dear Gay People, We love you. You know we disagree, but we love you.


Kin said...

Hey Chis,

So when it comes to Gay rights, what would you outline as rights you would support and rights you wouldn't?

Having Christian Friends who happen to be Gay, and Non-Christian Friends who happen to be Gay, these are tougher questions than I think most assume them to be.


Chris Williams said...

I did not define what was meant by "right" very well. Rights to me are those things which are irrevocably basic to humanity (someone once called them self-evident).

When I say gay rights, I mean that people who are homosexual are allowed to express themselves freely, without doing harm to others.

I believe that it is unjust for committed homosexuals to be punished (i.e. not get certain tax brakes for being married, or be excluded from otherwise "equal" opportunities). For this reason I find myself in favor of Civil Unions.
However, my beliefs and committment to the Christian tradition and the scriptures hold me to the belief that marriage is proper to the Man/Woman relationship.
I do not support people to particiapte in the homosexual lifestyle, but there are some injustices that take place against homosexuals. Although I beleive that God's intentions for life is not homosexuality, injustice in injustice.